As the Mad Hatter said to Alice after he'd studied her for some time... 
“You’re not the same as you were before. You’ve lost your much-ness.”  
When it comes to charity fundraising, and specifically events, it can be difficult to both engage and retain loyal supporters. There are lots of factors like economic climate and instability, personal circumstances and motivation, even past experience with charities... but another major one is that your event is one of so many, clambering in a sea of charity events, all vying for attention.
This is where your charity's "much-ness" comes into play.
What is your charity much-ness? 
Your Mission Statement should say it all. What is your charity about and its ethos, what is it's reason for being as well as what is the passion that drives it? What makes it DIFFERENT from all the others and what it aims to offer in terms of provision of services, building of facilities and/or care of those in its remit. It's also the impression and the feeling people are left with after being in contact with it. 
It's what makes it IT.
Your charity KNOWS what it's about. So how to do you translate your down-pat, unique much-ness through your marketing and fundraising mix - and specifically your portfolio of events - to the public to both promote the charity and raises funds. 
Do your events reflect who you are as a charity? Your vibe? Your audience? Do you use existing fundraising ideas tried and tested by other charities? Do you go for something new and different but makes sense once it's associated with your charity?
You are competing for both people's time and money commitment in support of your worthy cause... so you need to create a special, memorable experience that they will both remember for itself and for your charity's strong message. 
Essentially, you want to create a public one-ness with your charity much-ness!
Over time, if not adjusted, even successful events can become a bit jaded and fade back into the sea of existing charity events on offer and it, your charity and your charity's message can get lost in the midst of it all. That initial magic can just disappear. It can all become... much of a muchness. You lose that hard won public visibility though you KNOW your charity is working hard and knows what it's about.
So what do you do? 
Continue as is and think it's fine as at least it isn't too bad yet - or do you try something new?
What if you reinvigorated how your charity is seen by offering something new, something ONLY your charity does and something which is known immediately as being affiliated with your charity?
(This is what we'd do but we're biased as this is what we do at Blueleaf Redtree!)
The result of something as simple as some small changes is a renewed boost to your charity profile and a much "muchier" feeling for both the charity itself and those who work for and with it. You could go one better and design something completely unique, branded up for your charity and which the public then associates ONLY with your charity.
As with Hatter commenting on Alice and her losing what made her HER... it's just about rediscovering and showcasing what makes your charity so special! It's been there all the time!
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