Hi All,
I completed an MSc in Social Anthropology and began working in communications for development (C4D)/ bevahioural change for a year, after which I left the company that I was working for and began consulting for another firm as a freelancer. 
In the 6 months that I have been freelancing and more recently now, I have been applying for roles but nothing seems to be coming from my applications. I have experience in strategy development, C4D, M&E, proposal development, and project implementation - and with regards to the chairty sector would like to move into campaigns. 
Due to the small nature of my work thus far, and the fact that I have almost never had a line manager, I have an extensive range of skill sets, but lack the umpteen years of experience needed for a good role. Based on this, I was hoping to get some insighst into how I can manage my current situation, and the kind of roles I should be going for.
Thanks in advance 
- Sadaf