Dear all,
I am feeling completely lost at the moment, but coming across this page has presented me with a glimmer of hope. Thus, I thought I'd take a leap of faith, pluck up my courage and 'try my luck'.
I have wanted to work in the charitable/3rd sector for several years now,  but unfortunately, life & responsibilities delayed my ambitions for the last couple of years.

I studied 'International Relations' at a good university in the UK with the view of entering the NGO sector. However, after graduating 4 years ago with my BA (Hons) in International Relations, it quickly became clear that I would need to either continue with an MA or obtain voluntary experience abroad to make that dream a reality.
Unfortunately, I did not have the funds to do either at the time so ended up working with a corporate organisation with the view of saving up money to be able to do either one or both of the above things.
As it happens I ended up 'falling into' a corporate career, which was not really what I had intended, but it helped me to pay the bills and save up money to obtain some voluntary experience. I was doing well but was not feeling fulfilled. Thus, I left that organisation last year and went abroad for a year. I ended up volunteering with an organisation in West Africa for 6x months, which was the most incredible experience and travelled for another 6 months/ networked/ met lots of people from grassroots organisations and other inspirational young people.
I returned in late September this year and gave myself 2-3 weeks off to adjust back to life in the UK.
Since then, I have been looking at roles, but because I have no confidence in terms of my work experience/CV in relation to the charitable sector, I'm really struggling to get any attention from employers in that sector. I've forwarded my CV to a recruitment company with the request for some guidance but never heard anything back.
I have trawled through the Internet for hours, weeks and months to get some guidance on how I can improve my CV & cover letter to sound 'less corporate' and really sell my 'transferable skills'.
Currently, I am thinking of working for the next 8x months to save up enough money for my MA course in Europe. However, I'm not sure whether to try and get a role in the 3rd sector for such a short period of time or whether I should just 'bite the bullet' and return to the corporate sector, as I know it would only be temporary. Would leaving a role in the sector after such a short time count negatively against me?
Hence, I was wondering, if someone on here might have some useful tips or guidance for me?
Anything - no matter how small would really make a difference to me because I'm currently feeling completely lost.
Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read through my post & I'm looking forward to your replies. :)
Best wishes,