Making a charity video is a labour of love. It is a partnership between the charity and a video production company (unless you are big enough and lucky enough to have your own in-house videographer). We love the part of the process where we take a brief from a charity, and do the hard work of listening carefully, and formulating a video treatment and storyboard to tell their story. It is a joy and a privilege.
Part of the relationship on our part is taking onboard the vision and values of the charity and its stakeholders.
Part of our responsibility is 'knowledge transfer' of what is involved in making a video so that the charity gets the maximum benefit.
We have put together a FREE download for small and medium charities to guide them through how to make a video.
We have called it, appropriately, 'A Guide to Making a Charity Video'.
The guide works through the process from strategy to distribution. We have included questions throughout each stage of the process. The guide is there to help charity leaders think through their part in the process of making a video, and to make that input as informed as it can be.
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