Hello lovely community!
How does the idea of inspiring unfulfilled people make you feel?
What if you could be the person whose story makes the difference in someone else’s life?
I am a Life Coach and I meet plenty of people who struggle in their career, often due to a complete lack of fulfilment, with the majority of them working in the corporate sector (…and I was one of them, btw!).
Victim of the rat race, they truly struggle to see what’s available for them beyond that door, often completely ignoring the thousands of great opportunities the charity sector offers every month.
My job is to help them to “Think & Act differently” so they can expand their possibilities in life and career, and here’s where I’d like to bring you in.
Would you be happy to share your story on how you got into the sector?
Real stories are truly inspiring and will help unfulfilled people open their eyes to possibilities they’ve always ignored.
If this idea makes you feel good, please share here how you ended up into the sector, or if you prefer, send me an email at [email protected] as Id love to have a chat with you.
Thank you and I truly look forward to hearing your stories!