Hi Everyone.
So have been working with my organisation for more than 7 years. I've worked on so many things that I cannot think of a fitting name for my role. This has been a problem identifying on my CV. My current role is called Evaluation & Management Reporting Officer. I've had that role for almost 4 years now. My responsibilities for the last 4 years has been the following:
1. Tracking staff KPI's by researching and implementing systems to capture data
2. Producing report to show impact of staff KPI's
3. Managing the IT and Telecom infrastructure of the organisation. Mainly liaising with IT and telecoms suppliers about our needs and implementing changes. Managing domains of the organisation.
4. Part office management - supporting office manager with technical issues with office. Recently lead project on office move.
5. Setting up new finance system to integrate with Salesforce CRM
6. Creating invoices and managing the Sales Ledger Account for the organisation
7. Managing the membership database of the organisation
8. Administering Salesforce intranet for staff to use to share documents and communicate
These are the few main ones I've listed above. There are ad hoc tasks that I have done in my spare time as well.
Help will be much appreciated.
Thank you!