With the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just around the corner, this Live Q&A is the perfect opportunity to get all of your last minute GDPR questions answered, by the experts! We will have an expert panel on hand to give you direct answers to any GDPR question you have.
Meet the panel:
Leah Waller is a solicitor and Head of Employment at Lennon's Solicitors. Leah is an expert in implementing GDPR within an organisation or business. She will be on hand to advise you on things including GDPR policy, retention policy, privacy statements, breaches registers, records of consents, record keeping and staff awareness training.
Carl Wills is the Managing Director of Vox Securitas and an expert in GDPR Compliance and Cyber Security. Carl has worked internationally at Senior Executive Management level in the Third Sector, Retail and Sales for over 25 years.
Pamela Johnson is an experienced consultant and trainer specialising in the areas of fundraising and marketing strategy, research and skills development. Pamela has worked with many organisations in the charity and cultural sector and is on the leadership committee for the Institute of Fundraising's, East Anglia regional group.

Charlie Culverhouse is an experienced marketing professional who has worked both agency side and in-house, currently working as the Chief Marketing Officer at Vox Securitas. Charlie has extensive knowledge of ensuring marketing communications, data capture and storage is GDPR compliant.  
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