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Small charities around the country carry out essential and life-changing work every day. Measuring the impact of this work can help your charity share its successes, earn more support and increase its future impact.
But how can small charities, that are often under-resourced, best approach impact measurement?
This Q&A will get to the bottom of that question with advice and top tips from impact measurement and small charity experts.
Meet the panel:
Janine Edwards leads the consultancy and development service for the Foundation for Social Improvement, a charity dedicated to improving the effectiveness, accountability and sustainability of small charities. Janine has significant experience from the private and charity sector in impact measurement. Janine is also an accredited Social Return on Investment practitioner and a Trustee of the Gordon Moody Association, a UK charity helping those affected by problem gambling.
Nicky Goulder is the co-founder and Chief Executive of Create, the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts. Nicky received the Charity Times Rising CEO Star Highly Commended award in 2014 and was the runner-up for the Directory of Social Change “Influencer” award in 2017.  Last year, Create won the Small Charity Big Impact Award and Nicky herself has written about why measuring impact is so important for creative arts organisations.
Tiia Sammallahti is the CEO of, a platform where individuals and companies can easily find charities to work with. whatCharity focuses on demonstrating the impact of charities and aims to level the playing field of charity resource-raising in the UK - where currently 1.5% of charities get 70% sector income. Tiia set up a fundraising charity 15 years ago which still plays a vital role in funding mother and child-related charities.
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