A shameless piece of self-promotion but never has it been more important.
Age milestones usually come in 10’s after you pass your 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays but when you have Cystic Fibrosis you count in ones. It is all you can afford to do.
I’m now in my 32nd year and for me that is amazing. My biggest and greatest achievement yet. Turning 32 surpasses any of my other achievements and there have been a few; Completing a marathon, climbing Machu Pichu, walking on the Great Wall of China, travelling the world, more than 11 years without a hospital admission, finding the perfect wife and it is even bigger than having my son, Oscar.
This is all because when I was about 10 years old CF’s potential pending doom bore it’s ugly head and realisation became reality, too many of my CF friends passed away and I never thought I would make 16 – in fact it was younger than that when I read that 16 was the life expectancy or someone with CF. Imagine that feeling?
It’s worth celebrating and giving back a little bit of what the CF community has given me in my life so far, hope. 
I have set myself and all of you a big target for the next 12 months. To raise £1,000 for each of my 32 years.
It’ll be a year of pestering, a year of laughter, possibly tears but primarily a year to look to the next 32.
Advancements in technology and science mean it’s a time when we see transformational drugs and treatments that could not only prolong my life but give those born with CF today none of the worry I and more than 10000 others in the UK and thousands more around the world have had to face – the chance of living a full life without the fear of CF holding them back or ending their lives prematurely.
The £32,000 I’m aiming to fundraise will be ring fenced for an area of science that I hope could be the answer to my prayers – Genetic Editing. It’ll go a long way to fund some of the science to help deliver this dream sooner. Please watch this video - 
In April I’ll take on the London Marathon and on my 32nd birthday, May 10th i’ll be hosting a Charity Ball (details of that to follow).
If you’re thinking of fundraising this year in anyway please do it for me and for CF. Whether that be running a 5k, a marathon or putting on a cake sale, anything you can raise towards my target would mean the world to me.
Your support, your time and yes, your money will go a long way.
I’m not asking you to just sponsor me, I am asking you to be part of something that could change my life.