I went to the #CharityMeetUp event last night. It was a great event (thanks to Dawn Newton who organised it). The highlight of the evening was a panel of five exceptionally talented people sharing their experiences and tips about collaboration.
I was lucky enough to get the train home with Richard Sved, one of the panel members. As we headed back to St Albans, both of us were catching up with our Twitter feeds. At one point he shared with me, in dismay, that his timeline was filling up with a comment about one of the panelist's shoes. If you see the image above, you can probably guess which person's fabulous footwear was being admired by the masses. As soon as he told me people were commenting on shoes I knew which shoes he was referring to. At the event itself, I'd already exchanged comments with the woman next to me about how gorgeous we both thought they were. But Richard was disappointed. He felt like his timeline should be ajar with all the insights and inspirations that people had got from the event. Amy Burton (the wearer of said shoes) had shared so many interesting thoughts with the audience and yet the thing getting the most attention was her feet. I completely agreed with him BUT I did love those shoes!
So, my question is, should we stop talking about shoes? Do shoe conversations distract from the intellectual conversations and debates that we are all capable of or do they show a bit of our personal side and allow us to bond over shared passions? I'd love to know other people's thoughts.