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Becky Slack has a 20-year career as a media professional, covering print, online, TV and radio. The former editor of Charity Insight and Professional Fundraising, she has worked within and around the charity sector for the last 12 years, including 18 months within the British Red Cross as a senior fundraiser. These experiences combine to provide Becky with a unique working knowledge and understanding of voluntary organisations, their challenges and their opportunities.

Today, Becky is the Managing Director of Slack Communications providing publishing and communications services to voluntary organisations and small businesses. She writes and edits for publications including the New Statesman, Guardian and charity sector trade press, and is author of Effective Media Relations for Charities: What Journalists Want and How to Deliver it.

Becky is also a trustee of the Flying Seagull Project, a troupe of circus performers who travel the world making sick and disadvantaged kids laugh.

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