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Graduate with a BA and MA from the University of Kent, currently working in the commercial activities, specifically licensed trade, of a students' union. Passionate about the charity sector, with a constantly developing, detailed interest in modern food and drink culture too.

A confident people manager and leader, with a Level 5 ILM Diploma in Management and Leadership. Knowledgeable in recruitment, training and development of staff and a proficient coach and mentor. Passionate about the motivations and progression of those I lead and manage.

Experienced in front-line management and operations of busy licensed trade outlets and events within the charity sector, including food, beverage and late night entertainment. Competent live event planner and manager, overseeing all aspects of an event including ticketing, procurement, security, production, health and safety and operations.

Other areas where I have active experience include stock control, events marketing and promotion, volunteer and staff management and financial management, budget setting and forecasting.

Interested in driving my career in management forward through training and learning opportunities, particularly into the student union environment, leadership and events.

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