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Retired Helicopter Pilot. Working with 3 air ambulance charities over the last 20 years raising millions of pounds to provide helicopter services in the UK.

Currently building a UK & International AirBridge between critical care and childrens hospitals across the world.

Phase One: Supporting a UK charity building helidecks at NHS critical care & Children's hospitals across England & Wales. Support for international hospitals and Governments requiring a turn-key air ambulance service. Helidecks built so far, with our fundraising help:

Oswestry: Southampton: Gloucester; Isle of Wight: Preston: Cambridge: Bristol: Plymouth: London, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool.

Phase Two: Launch of SkyAngels Air Ambulance, the UK's only jet equipped air ambulance charity. Operating now...

The SkyAngels Air Ambulance Challenger 601-3R jets can carry up to two Life-Port stations and infant incubators which make these Flying Hospitals very rare. The aircraft will be able to partially re-role into pax and medical cargo fit, subject to mission type but would always carry at least two Life-Ports. These aircraft will be able to make a great contribution to our humanitarian aid wing.

I've recruited only the best pilots and paramedics around the world. Over the last few years, I have proven that the requirement for a non-profit International air ambulance & rescue foundation exists, many people contact us every month for help. We are sometimes their last chance!

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