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I'm Iain, a senior copywriter with Creative Director experience and a few awards under my belt.

I began my career in fundraising, and now I'm looking to make a full-time return to the sector. Along with my charity experience, I've created campaigns and written for a wide variety of commercial clients, delivering anything from tactical email content to fully-integrated, pan-European campaigns.

My charity clients have included The Phobics Society, Macmillan Cancer Relief, drugs & me (a harm reduction initiative), War on Want, The British Red Cross, Help the Aged, Plan, Save the Children, CAFOD and Concern.

I think fast, openly and collaboratively. I build trust quickly.

Ideas should be simple and resonant - yet flexible enough to manifest in different channels. An idea stops people in their tracks. Content takes them to the destination, whether that's a donation or deeper engagement with your organisation.

I'm as fascinated with strategy as I am with words and often find the two disciplines are inseparable. They help me dig deeper for insights that resonate, connect and drive behaviour.

I'm happy freelancing (well, until Tax Return time) but would be open to the right full-time role.

As legendary ad-man, and godfather of modern fundraising, Howard Luck Gossage once said, Advertising is far too valuable a commodity to waste on purely commercial clients. It is at its best when used for social good.

I couldn't agree more. (I agree so much with Gossage, that I've used another of his quips as my header.)

That said, there may be an issue if you're running a charity in aid of garden spiders.

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