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Hillingdon Carers is a local charity in the London Borough of Hillingdon, established in 1996.

Hillingdon Carers provides a range of services to help carers of all ages:

- find accurate information
- receive support in making choices
- realise they need a life of their own and help to make that happen
- access other services that may provide relevant support
- take breaks that are fun, informative and provide the chance to experience mutual support from other carers

Our services include:

- Information, advice and support for carers of all ages (includes drop in Advice Centre for Carers in Uxbridge, websites, written information, provision of Carer Advisers, benefit checks, advocacy, home visiting service, availability at venues across the borough etc.)

- Health and Wellbeing Services for adult carers (includes GP outreach service, advocacy with health services, development work with health services, drop in cafes for carers, therapeutic care sessions, counselling, arts courses, training for carers, step up support to access other leisure services etc.)

- Young Carers Services (includes one to one support, specialist support for children and young people affected by substance misuse of an adult, Young Carers Clubs for fun activities with other young carers and learning opportunities, school holiday activities, residential breaks, advocacy with education and training providers etc.)

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