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My in-depth knowledge of how an organisation works, and how to work with and integrate people, systems and processes, to improve consistency and reliability helps growth, does makes a difference.

It is my experience that an easy communicative style and flexible approach, enables me to quickly understand how an organisation operates, and how best to support an organisation going through change.  

I know an organisation needs information to make decisions. It is the understanding of computers, websites and the organisations objectives the is paramount to an organisations success, with the constraints of cash-flow. This approach has been successfully applied to service, manufacturing, retail, leisure and not for profit organisations.

The message any stakeholder sees, hears or senses, is key to the on going success of an organisation. That does not simply mean just the website, but other processes and hidden subtle messages that builds on trust. This is something that organisations give away without knowing. This is what we work on.

I have developed and facilitated, practical but understandable, workshops, specifically for  smaller organisations, to show how to make an organisation more effective. The course, created and delivered with the University of Derby, ranges from defining the opportunities through to developing a plan to change.  

Core Skills Include: Planning, Project Management, Systems Analysis, People Development, Marketing Analysis, Website Effectiveness, Budgetary Control, Database Development, Systems Implementation, Management of Change, Management Training and Mentoring.

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