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Im looking for my next opportunity.  

Sometimes you just have to be bold and try a different tack.  Im cutting through the fake and the hyperbole in my job search, being authentic and open about who I am and what I can bring.  

Im an experienced manager and confident leader, well networked with a strong and unique background in Big 4, legal services and the charity sector.

Im eloquent and engaging, great at public speaking and presenting, experienced in strategy consulting, event management, diversity and inclusion, information and knowledge management, training and research.

I love people, working collaboratively to find innovative solutions that work, developing teams and individuals to motivate, engage and get the best out of everyone.  More than that I love the satisfaction of really being able to help somebody who needs it  in whatever form that may come.

Im open to temporary contract work and permanent roles.  Ideally Im looking for more event management experience, within the charity sector - however, Im open to exploring all opportunities and seeing where this takes me.

Id love to hear from you if youd like to explore how I might use my unique skillset to add value to your organisation.

Thank you.

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