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An adaptable, conscientious, person-centred, and self-motivated individual with experience of empowering clients with mental health needs. I have worked in fast-paced, interpersonally challenging environments in which I implemented personal support plans which focus on individuals risk, welfare, needs, and interests.  My strength lies in my commitment to empowering others, and having the ability to manage a challenging caseload, while staying focused on giving a high standard of care to every client. I have been constantly maintaining and demonstrating a positive attitude towards clients, however challenging their circumstances may be. I am keen to find a challenging position within a caring organisation where I will be able to continue to increase my work experience, and develop professionally.

Alongside other research I carried out during my education, I have high awareness of the issues that affect young people or those affected by crime. My master's dissertation focused on public perceptions about child abuse of girls under the age of 13 and jury decision-making. Having completed a professional development focused MSc degree, I became well acquainted with different forensic assessment and treatment aspects for both victims, and perpetrators of crime. Such aspects include, but are not limited to, personality disorders, psychopathy, learning difficulties, and special considerations for women or younger adults. During my MSc, I focused on sexual crime, burglary, and firesetting, and attained professional training qualifications in risk assessment (HCR-20 V3; RSVP).

Psychology | Criminology | Forensic Psychology | Cybercrime | Risk Assessment | Clinical Formulation | Sexual Crime | Firesetting | Research in Psychology | Volunteer | Creative Thinker

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