I don't think this post will cause much discussion but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the place I now call home. London's Air Ambulance.
As I sit here on day 4 of a new job, the day of the GE at an organisation where I don’t think the outcome will have an effect I can sit and reflect on the charity I have joined, the role I have to play and the importance of what we do.
London’s Air Ambulance is exactly as it says it is “London’s”. Any of the near 10m people that live within the M25 could need our service on any given day, in their darkest hour. It plays a vital part in all of our lives even if we don’t think about it too often, if at all.
What many people aren’t aware of is that we are in fact, a charity. We only receive approximately 10% of our income from the NHS - which really surprised me. This has its challenges but from what I can work out, it is a great partnership. It enables us to be more agile and innovative to do the things we see that our patients need the most and to be able to action them without all the bureaucracy that the health service brings.
I had the privilege to meet one of the doctors who attended the London Bridge attack on Saturday night and I stood in awe listening to what they had to do and the part they played in supporting the other of London’s emergency services and those effected by yet another atrocity in our great city.
But what really strikes me about this place is just how normal going out to these major incidents is for these guys. Yes, Saturday was more of a one off (I hope) but going out to stabbing's and traffic incidents happens regularly and doesn't’t phase these guys. Petrifies me, not them,
On Saturday night, our consultants, paramedics and volunteer doctors were there in their numbers – so many of our teams wereready to jump to work. Just incredible. We operate our helicopters in daylight hours and our fleet of rapid response trauma vehicles the rest of the time – 24/7.
We haven’t approached Major Donor fundraising in a real way before and this gives me the opportunity to take this service to London’s HNWI and explain just how important our impact is.
Read the London Standard tonight and have a look at the story of one of our first responders. I am proud to be here and honoured to work next to these heroes.