Andrew Parmley, the Lord Mayor of London, wrote an article in this morning's City AM stating that,
While philanthropy will never be a complete substitute for government, it must now take up more responsibility for community provision, just as London’s philanthropists have done for centuries.
I believe this is just a slippery slope. If we preach or endorse this message then we are training the public that it is acceptable for charities to pick up the shortfalls of the government. Ultimately this is allowing the government to continue to make cuts to vital services. I believe charities should be there to make sure that the government fulfils it's responsibilities and only pick up public services if the charity is being paid by the government to do so, or if the charity wants to create a proof of concept for the government to change the current way of doing things.
What does everyone else think? I'd love to hear your views. Should we be challenging the Lord Mayor of London?