London 5th December 2017
At 4 secret locations around London drab railings will be draped with multi-coloured knitted scarves; with a gift card: “I am not lost, if you are cold and need me, please take me.”
Barons Court Project, a day centre for people who are homeless or living with mental health issues is initiating ‘Secret Scarves London 2017.’ We are hoping to receive 670 hand knitted or croched scarves which we will distribute around London at ‘secret’ locations. The scarves will be hung on railings outside or near homelessness projects, labelled as above, inviting people to take them. 
Inspired by 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day, South Africa Barons Court Project became a partner and lead for, here in the UK. The original challenge came from the Nelson Mandela Foundation to Carolyn Steyn, to knit or crochet 67 blankets for those less fortunate through the cold winter in 2013. The blankets were to be given out on Nelson Mandela Day, in South Africa. The Barons Court Project took up this challenge here in the UK and our supporters and service users together have knitted and sewn squares together, completing and distributing over 40 blankets.
This year, The Barons Court Project is asking people to knit a scarf and send it to them for distribution on Tuesday  5th December. This date is the anniversary of the late, former President Nelson Mandela’s death.
To be able to remember Nelson Mandela by leaving handmade scarves for people who are homeless or in need in locations across London will be a fitting tribute to his legacy. South Africa is known as The Rainbow Nation. Imagine the sight of railings around London brightened up in Rainbow Colours on a cold dark December day, with a handmade gift for someone, it will show London cares. 
To date we have received scarves from people in the UK, Cyprus and Finland and pledges of many more from around the UK and also the USA. But we need everyone to join with us for the project to reach our goal of 670.
We would like to invite Londoners to join in the challenge of knitting a scarf that will help keep fellow Londoners warm this winter.
Scarves need to be at the Barons Court Project, 69 Talgarth Road, London, W14 9DD by November 30th for tagging and ready for distribution on 5th December.
For further information contact:
Michael Angus – Director Tel: 0207 603 5232 / 07779 131355 or Email: [email protected]
Michael is available for Interview or further comment.