I am not sure if this is an appropriate place to post this but I am at my wits end with the trustees of a charity and seem to have nowhere that I turn to for help or advice.
We are a small group of people who volunteer to use our 4x4 vehicles to assist local people in times of emergency, In 2016 we took the decision to become a CIO Charity with trustees appointed by the group members following a vote.
Unfortunately the secretary has turned out to be something of a bully and a control freak which has led to her being extremely unpopular with most members and causing friction amongst the trustees leading to the secretary stating she was resigning with immediate effect on an electronic messenger service we use for communications. However following an emergency meeting of the trustees it appeared that she was re-appointed and  the very popular chairman had chosen to resign instead citing problems working with the remaining two trustees who in his words were "petty political and obstructive".  
As a result of this concerns were raised over how a trustee can publicly resign and then be re-appointed without the knowledge of the voting members and I  will admit to being the most vocal on this point but I was raising concerns privately voiced to me by other members, as a result I was called to a meeting of the remaining two trustees which was little more than a kangaroo court were I was told I was to be suspended for 21 days. Three days later however I received a letter stating I was to be removed as a member with immediate effect and citing a number of trumped up allegations of misconduct. I have also been informed that a number of lies have been told to the members to explain my removal which has led to other members resigning in protest.
My enquiries following these events have shown that the charity has no Governing Document, the trustees seem to believe that the constitution is sufficient.
My questions therefore are
If a trustee resigns in such a public way is it considered a formal notification of resignation?
Can a trustee's public resignation be rescinded by the trustees or should the members have a say?
Can an incomplete board of trustees take the decision to remove a member or should they wait until a replacement chairman is appointed. At the moment there is only one trustee plus the secretary who is no longer recognised as a trustee by most of the members?
Can the trustees summarily dismiss a member without proper notice, a meeting or a means of appeal?
Can a trustee pursue what amounts as a personal vendetta against a member?
I am aware that the lack of a governing document leaves everything up in the air so any advice on what I can do would be gratefully received.