I received the above notification from Amazon in the post this morning, confirming that they have launched their smile programme here in the UK. As Amazon accounts for £6.3bn in online sales here in the UK, this has the potential to raise £305m a year for the sector, instantly making it one of the biggest donation programmes here in the UK and all at no cost to your donors.
The process of registration at http://org.amazon.co.uk is simple enough and Amazon seems to have actually mapped all of the qualifying charities in the UK already, so you can just select your charity from a drop-down list. You can use your existing Amazon account (assuming you have one for work) or set up a new account just for the purpose of managing this programme, which you then verify. Then you just have to enter your IBAN and BIC banking details and sit back and wait to hear from them.
I'd be interested to hear about people's experience with the programme and thoughts.