Hey there, I'm after a little advice if possible. 😁
I'm currently working as an account manager, selling into retailers however due to some personal experiences I'm keen to move into the not for profit sector. I'm looking to find a role where I can utilise my organisational and relationship management skills whilst also being able to work with the ill
I went for an interview recently. It was for a dream coordinator role. Office based but you had to get an understanding of what the family / child wanted, organise it and also accompany them to the dream. This was absolutely perfect for me but unfortunately I didn't get it. I'm now absolutely hooked on the idea and wondered if anyone had any ideas on alternate roles that would suit me? Whilst I know corporate fundraising seems like a job well suited to me, I really want to get into the care element too, without going back to college.m and I feel it would be a real shame to throw everything I've learned away..  I volunteer at a local hospice in their in patient unit and am sure it'll give me the good experience that I need but unfortunately I don't know exactly what direction to go in. 
Any feedback would be very helpful 😊
Thank you