I'm not sure this is the correct group but perhaps someone could point me in the right direction?
Advice needed - A grant giving local charity owns considerable property, land and investments which it generates an income from (average £25k per year). It awards grants to in the order of £10k per year. Admin and Land Agent charges are £2.5k per year.
The value of the cash at hand investments declared on their annual accounts is £420k and they claim no valuation has ever been done on the assets as it would be an unnecessary cost to the Charity.
The charity in its current form is an accumulation of various other Trust type charities dating back to c1700s which merged about 10 years ago to form this United Trust.
The charity has no Reserves or Investment Policy and no strategic plan in place. Trustees meet 3 times a year.  Land owned by the Charity has recently been granted outline planning permission for 190 houses and is now for sale on the open market.
This land is on the edge of a small market town and in a very sensitive area of the Cotswolds.  No prior consultation or enggement with the local community has been undertaken (other than the necessary  legal planning notifications etc). It appears the development is being driven by the land agents and farmer who owns adjacent land and stands to profit though sale of his land too.
A local resident's association has been formed and ideas to transform the hill into a public , conservation area are emerging.  The title deed to the land is very old and rates that this land is to be let out and the public must be informed prior to letting.
As you can see, it' complicated and several issues are emerging which advice is needed please!
1) A legal expert to look at the title deeds and see if they can legal sell the land as it was gifted to them. And fight the case if not.
2) Call into question what the Charity is going to do with the £ms generated.
3)Challenge the Charity to listen to suggestions about alternative uses which would be sustainable for a regular rental income and more in line with the charity's objectives of serving the local disadvantaged and poor people in the community.
Comments welcome!