I recently got into the Guilty Feminist podcast thanks to my best friend. For those that haven't listened to it I highly recommend it (though be warned it is likely to make you display a range of emotions on public transport that may earn you the odd sympathetic look!) 

The podcast describes itself thus; "We’re a supportive forum to discuss the big topics all 21st century feminists agree on, whilst confessing our “buts” – the insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that undermine our lofty principles." This is part of the podcast that I really love because it is so applicable to other areas of life that you might feel passionate about- such as your job.

Stemming from that, I wanted to start a similar conversation here about the insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that we, as charity workers, may feel.

I will kick off...

I'm a charity worker but...I will often cross the road or pretend to be on my phone to avoid street fundraisers (sorry guys!).

I'm a charity worker but...I always feel a surge of excitement when I go to swanky corporate offices that have drinks fridges, seemingly unlimited provisions of jelly beans and fancy hand lotion in their extravagant bathrooms.

Those are just two that spring to mind (there are many more!). I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts and feelings on this. What "but's" do you experience in the charity world?