I wrote this poem thinking about not only some of my own difficulties that I have been through and overcome in life but some of my client’s battles. Every time I hear about the awful things that they have had to go through it is heartbreaking and I often think that they are so brave to even ask for support, this takes a lot of strength and courage. 
The Warrior Within 
I've suffered in silence 
I've battled through fights 
I've taken some punches 
And words full of spite 
I've seen and heard things
Young ears shouldn't hear
I've overcome challenges 
Every damn year 
I've been rejected
Time after time 
And had many a
high mountain to climb
I've felt loss and heartbreak 
Many tears I have shed 
Illnesses suffered 
Caused by stress in my head 
But here I am now
Oh how I've survived
All the courage and strength 
Has kept me alive 
I wrote through the sadness
I sang through the pain
I reached out for kindness
And danced off the shame 
I walked on my own 
Peaceful and calm 
Anything to help
Keep me safe from harm
We all have it in us 
A warrior underneath
Listen to your needs 
Find your self-belief 
Pick yourself up
You know what to do
That brave, strong person
Is within you
© Leanne Marie Poetry