For just under a year now I have been sending out applications to trusts, foundations and grants schemes to no avail; I must have sent around 100 applications. I've had applications and letters of inquiry looked over by several Trust Fundraising professionals, each who have said that they have been to a very high standard, but still only receive the very occasional rejection letter, or even worse, nothing at all. 
I have also been on two trust funding courses, one with the Small Charities Coalition and the other with the IoF and still the skills and techniques learned in those seem to have had little impact. 
I was wondering whether anyone else is having, or has had similar issues and if so, how did you over come it? Does anyone have any tips on how to engage trusts? 
We currently use the database, we pay for a subscription, as well as the Directory book. As we are a very small charity, we have only one long-term relationship with a foundation who give us a grant for research. 
I'd be very happy to receive any advise on this! 
Many thanks,