Anyone here had any experience of merging with or taking over another charity? The case in point concerns two small local relief-in-need charities with overlapping benefit areas. One is a going concern, the other appears to be defunct having lost its two trustees and no longer responding to requests for aid.
There is an obvious case for the going concern to absorb the defunct one's assets and distribution policies. In fact the Charity Commission gives specific guidance on merging charities which includes as a key step to contact and involve them (the CC). They also commit to being able to supply a Charity's scheme. Needless to say they (the CC) have failed to respond within the guaranteed 21 working days and have not sent the defunct charity's scheme. Their website states that if no response is made within the 21 days then it means that they judge the matter not to fall under their regulatory remit and is up to trustees to sort the matter out for themselves,  Does this ring any bells with others here?