Hi all, 
I work for a fairly large yet not very well known UK charity, Family Fund. We're currently looking at utilising Facebook's fundraising tools but in order to do so we apparently need our Facebook page to be verified and although we have over 70k likes we keep hitting setbacks. In the first instance, we provided bank statements and documents confirming our charitable status however this was deemed inadequate, we were then told they could call us to confirm our identity however the number listed on our page is for our call centre team and they believe they haven't yet received this call. 
We're unable to change the number on our page as we receive hundreds of calls a day and we're unable to contact Facebook directly, rather we have to use their help and support pages, and therefore can't convey our struggle. 
I wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar or, if not, what you shared with Facebook in order to be 'verified' and further access their fundraising tools on your charities page? 
I hope someone can help us on our epic journey to gain the elusive tick of verification!