Hello everyone and everybody :) 
I have a charity I started abroad in 2012 and from my point of view we are doing really will and made a lot from nothing and we really have a great team. 
It was just an idea and I was doing it as when I am free but this IDEA is getting bigger than I thought and need more time and funds so I start thinking to make it an official and register the charity here so I can raise donations .
I need really someone to help me step by step to how to register the charity and gain all the papers I need to make it official and when I approach people I am confident and have everything I need . 
I looked in the internet it sound a bit complicated and people as for money to help .
I love helping people and draw a smile on faces . Please if someone have the time to help me let me know and by the way I am based in Birmingham. 
Kindest regards .