Forget January and its guilt-inducing resolutions. September is the best time for a fresh start.
Why? Most of us have actually had a relaxing break. You haven't been worried about turkeys and relatives. And even if you have worked all through the month (like me), there's something about August that makes you slow down and emerge on the other side feeling energised. Just like the kids, who are ready to take the old routine by storm.
Come September then, shouldn't we be thinking about going back to school too
Call me a nerd, but I used to love the start of school in September. It meant a trip to W H Smith, and copious amounts of new, and possibly unnecessary, stationary. Armed with this, I genuinely felt I could tackle anything the new term threw at me. Couple that with seeing all my friends (thus giving me the opportunity to show off said stationary) and I had renewed energy, and a hunger to learn and achieve. 
We should treat September in much the same way as adults. 
I think the trick is to find something that excites you to help push you forward, and make you feel hungry to achieve again. Unfortunately, stationary doesn't have the same effect any more! But for me, taking the time to embrace child-like inquisitiveness, asking questions and discovering is the best push forward. Doing this within a safe space, and a community, makes asking questions even more rewarding and exciting. (So expect to see much more from me on CharityConnect!)
So I am calling on all of you, to join me, and be especially inquisitive this month. Ask questions, and give people answers. 
I would love to hear what you think: what helps you feel ready for a fresh start in September?