Hi, I run group with a a community of designers, particularly those that are new and wanting to build up their portfolios. One of this things I've suggested is that those that are wanting to volunteer some of their time or are wanting to build up their portfolios can work on projects for free for charities and social enterprises which could include for example:
- Redesigns / designs for websites or apps
- Providing a usability review of your website for identify areas for improvement
- Conducting research to identify personas/user types to help you tailor content / designs to better serve your users
- Looking at analytic data to identify ways to enhance page conversions / donations
In case you're interested and have a project (no matter how big or small) you would like some free design work on please do let me know at: [email protected] and I'd be happy to link you up with relevant designers.
Onkardeep Singh MBE