Hi All,
At the beginning of the year CharityJob invited a special guest to come and talk to us about their charity. What we learnt sent shock waves through our team, as although we are all proudly on the frontline of what's happening in the sector, sometimes it's hard to keep up to speed with every one of the 20,000 charities we work with.
The charity in question was Snowdrop Project, founded by one of our Champions no less - shout out Lara Bundock! The stories about people's lives being turned upside down by modern slavery and trafficking will stay with me forever. I had rather naively assumed that the UK simply wouldn't be so heavily affected and infected by these horrendous issues. To learn what changes are being made at government and social levels was really encouraging and the individual success stories were challenging but inspiring. 
It was with mixed emotions that I came across this BBC article today. I was shocked at the findings as we seem to be uncovering the tip of a rapidly growing iceberg, but also encouraged that this was being shared with the country. Advising the public on how to spot flags for sometime who has been exploited was not only practical but long overdue!
Please have a read and make sure you know what to look for. You never know, you could be someone's route to a better life. If anyone else has some tips or thoughts, I'd love to learn more.
Thanks everyone.