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Whilst working in a government safe house for survivors of trafficking, I became frustrated by the short length of support that we were restricted to provide there and the negative consequences that caused for beneficiaries. In 2012 I started the first project to provide long-term support for survivors in the community.  In 2013 we were awarded the Marsh Award for outstanding contribution to the fight against modern slavery.  In 2014 the Snowdrop Project became a registered charity and went from strength to strength.

I co-authored the report 'life beyond the safe house' and have provided consultation on the development of services in Northern Ireland and Turkmenistan.

Life hasn't taken me down the path I expected but I have learnt to let go of some of my own plans and embrace the journey.  Outside of work I love getting involved in the local theatre, surrounding myself with those who keep me sane (and a little crazy!) and staying fit and healthy.

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