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I have worked with people with disadvantages for a number of years, leading up to my present role as a CEO for Toucan Employment, the UKs longest-running supported employment charity for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. I am responsible for the fundraising policy, the finance policy and (together with the Trustees) the strategic direction of the charity; I also undertake the majority of fundraising undertaken (successful bids of c. 180,000 per year) and development and partnership work.
I previously worked as a Special School Support Assistant, then as a teacher in a variety of schools before starting my present employment as an Employment Worker; due to continued success in gaining sustainable employment for my clients and a wide range of funding for the charity I was promoted to upwards.
Husband and Father of three boys. Charity CEO (Toucan Employment - @Toucan1989). Keen footballer. Books and music are key.
South Londoner.

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