Hi everyone,
I'm posting to try and get some advice about beginning a career in this field.
In 2016, I completed my MA in Sociology which had a large social research component - I have experience of both quantitative and qualitative methods and analysis. Since then, I volunteered for six months in Mexico, working with vulnerable children. I'm now working as a temp at a new Manchester based charity that seeks to improve opportunities for children and young people through youth and play work. My title is Business Support Officer and the role consists of day to day office support, managing the diary of the CEO, organising and attending meetings, planning events etc. 
I've applied for quite a lot of jobs but have never been short listed for an interview. Am I lacking experience or can you offer advice on how best to market my skills? I don't know if I'm missing something that's allowing me to make the leap to policy and research work.
I also wondered whether academic research experience counts as research experience in job applications? 
I'm really interested in children's and social justice issues so would love to get involved with a charity that focuses on these things. I'm open to internships as I think these can be a great way into this kind of work, but again, I've never been successful in my applications. 
I'd really appreciate any tips and advice about this - mainly how to get that first opportunity or what kind of extra experience I might need to be successful in future applications.
I'd be grateful for any comments people could give!
Thanks for your time!