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I need help, I have been a CEO for a disability charity for 5 years, the charity and work are thriving.  We recruited new board members and my life at work is now unbearable, only when I deal with th...
Anonymous Posting
Hi, Can a charity that is an Unincorporated Members Association change to a foundation CIO (as opposed to an association CIO)? Regards, Farasat
This question is from a member of our community that wishes to remain anonymous:  Hi all, please help me understand how to shift from unpaid founder of a charity to a paid CEO in Scotland.
Ocean King
This question is from a member of our community that wishes to remain anonymous: Is it ok to have the owner of the charity and her life partner signing up for a bank account in the charity's name?
Rose Cruickshank
Hi all, I am supporting a homelessness charity that is considering becoming a registered provider. Does anyone have experience of the process and can offer some guidance. Thanks, Charlie
Charlotte Medcalf Hayter
I'm CEO of a small - medium youth charity in London, we're in a period organisational growth & working through the challenges that come with this. I'm the charity founder so very much learning by tri...
Rosie Bensley
I've seen a few posts here by people like myself, who are running an organisation on a voluntary basis.  I wondered how many of us there are and whether you might like to have a virtual get together...
Tess Linton
This question is from a member of our community that wishes to remain anonymous: Fellow dyslexics or anybody in a leadership position who can provide constructive advice.  I work for a small health...
Ocean King
If I have shares in a company that is also providing services to the charity for free, is there a conflict of interest? Because the company will definitely indirectly benefit from it's association wi...
This question is from a member of our community that wishes to remain anonymous: Can I be a CEO of a charity at the founder stage, or does it need to be a foundation? It isn't formed yet.
Ocean King
Good morning and Happy New Year I would like some clarification please, hope you can help. I have told the team that they are unable to pick up and drive clients to a social event they are attending...
Liz Jenkins
We have just been offered, and turned down, the ownership of a piece of land (actually a disused dam on a river) that could be used to enhance the environment and improve access. We turned it down be...
Geoff Roberts
Are you looking to connect with other charity leaders and trustees but not sure where to start? Join our first Connections event of the year, hosted by  Vanessa Longley, CEO at Chance UK . She'll sha...
Ocean King
Hi all, I work for an international charity/NGO and we are looking into the possibility of making our annual General Assembly a hybrid event, to allow people to attend and vote remotely as well as in...
Victoria H
Hello, I'm keen to understand what learning/knowledge gaps there are in the sector, particularly for those running small charities (either as CEO, Chair or senior leadership) or those within their fi...
liora W.
Hi all, just came across these 5-minute videos/guides for charity trustees by the Charity Commission, covering conflicts of interest, finance, safeguarding etc and there's also a quiz: https://beinga...
Michael Tiritas
This question is from a member of our community that wishes to remain anonymous: New directorship, should I consider? The particular organisation has 5yrs of reserves and it is not meeting it's oper...
Ocean King
How does your charity show it is achieving the planned or desired impact on the target community?  How do you design this into your project from the onset?
Akin Soetan
Hi Everyone, This is my first time on this platform. I am coming to this having spent a little bit of time "retired", but now looking to do something new, with a small/medium sized charity looking fo...
Joe Heeney
Good afternoon, I am seeking recommendations for a leadership coach, preferably with experience of coaching women of colour and/or working with people in an INGO context.  Sessions could be virtual,...
Kate Burley
Hi, we are a small charity and were looking to change to a CIO using the CC Light scheme, but the sticking point is our articles of association written 25 years plus ago that insisted one "member" ha...
Jim Ruddy
How do you ensure effective participation or inclusion of women and girls in the electoral processes?
Hi, we are looking to convert from charity to CIO. Our issue is our articles of assoc demand that a county councillor and borough council re must be present (originally a council service converted to...
Hi Folks, I am having writers block.  I need to set up an MoU and am not sure where to start, or what to include.  Anyone got any existing or previous MoU I can have a look at to start the creative j...
Tracey McCillen
Hi all I’m looking for recommendations for someone to facilitate a trustee board away day later this year. We’ll be focusing specifically on our advocacy, policy and campaigning activity, so we’re lo...
James Gray
Is it allowed for a member of the board of trustees to be a Chief Executive? If No, can he or she stand in as interim chief executive at the development stage of the charity ?
Nnaemeka Nzeakor
What are the pros and cons of a Directorship in a tiny organisations of 3.5 staff?
Anonymous Anon
Testing my knowledge of 30+ years charity management experience with a few years out now.... go fo it friemds
Michael McKillop
Hi. I'm a trustee of a Leeds based charity and, due to funding cuts, I'd like to speak with someone about carrying out a strategic review into the charity and making some recommendations.  Could a me...
Gareth Davies
Good afternoon, can anyone recommend really good senior management training please? Something that includes both people management and project management. Thanks very much!
Micol Carmignani
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