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I'm a passionate 'everyday' cyclist. I a ride a gorgeous and slow Dutch bike that is closer to an armchair than a road bike. I love that my job is the type of work I love to do and about something that I love. I truly think more people on bikes will create positive change in the world!

I am the first and only employee of Camcycle (Cambridge Cycling Campaign) so I am quickly becoming a 'jack of all charity trades'.

I'm working on setting up a strong foundation to grow the charity while also keeping up with the day-to-day running of the charity and facilitation of our volunteer activities.

I'm particularly interested in fundraising at the moment as I am developing and implementing our fundraising strategy so that we can continue to grow. Of course, as a campaigning organisation, campaigning is always interesting too!

I rarely manage to get all of this done in my four days a week.

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